Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary


Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary, 28 kms from Agartala is the biodiversity heaven of Tripura with an area of 18.53 km. The Sepahijala bio-complex came into existence in 1972. With addition of a Botanical Garden, a deer park and a zoo, the bio complex was subsequently attributed the status of Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary in early 1987. The sanctuary has approximately 456 plant species, many kinds of bamboos and a variety of grasses and medicinal plants. The moist, deciduous forest is the habitat of different species of primates like Rhesus macaque, Pigtailed macaque, Capped langur, Spectacled monkey, Slow loris, Leopard, Jungle fowl, Civets, Barking, Deer, Wild pig, etc. The avian population of the sanctuary is also rich with a variety of winged stork, Whistling teal and the White ibis.