Unakoti, 178 kms from Agartala is a 'Shaiba' (Saivite) pilgrimage site dating back to 7th - 9th centuries located in the Kailashahar subdivision in the northern part of Tripura. Unakoti means one less than a crore and it is said that these many rock cut carvings are available here. The legend goes that Lord Shiva spent a night at Unakoti while travelling to Kashi. Before sleeping at night he asked his companions to wake up early in the morning so that they could head for Kashi. Unfortunately, nobody woke up before sunrise and this invited the ire of Lord Shiva, he transformed all his companions into stones. These carvings are located at a beautifully landscaped forest area with green vegetation all around which add to the beauty of the carvings. The images found at Unakoti are of two types, namely rock-carved figures and stone images.